OnSpec xSil 261B – Hi-Speed USB Hard Disk Drive R/W Controller with AES Encryption

Design Support (Will be provided by OnSpec upon request)

  • Read/Write Performance Testing (Software Release Notes)

  • USB IF Certification Lab Report Summary

  • IBIS Models (Available on request)

  • Qualification Report

  • BIOS Boot Over USB Compatibility Testing Report

  • Embedded OS Compatibility Testing with XXXXXX MSC Driver

Available from OnSpec under Software License Agreement (SLA):

  • Click Wrap SLA Agreement for Object Code on OnSpec Website

  • Manufacturing Utilities

  • Software Release Notes (Important for Attribute Bit Settings and Descriptions)

  • Software Test Report (Matrix of OS and PC Chipset Testing)

  • Windows 98 and 2000 Multi-LUN Drivers

  • Email Notification of New Firmware Object Code Downloadable Over the OnSpec Secure Website


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